We are here to help. We are a highly specialised agency that works in the space of promotional premia and merchandise. We are unique in our field in that we offer you a full creative service, becoming involved at the earliest possible stage when our clients look to launch new brands or products, develop loyalty programmes, promote trial of their products, maximise sponsorship awareness or create customer experiential activity. We offer a highly successful and cost-effective approach to developing once-off solutions that not only break through the clutter, but also support our client brands’ long-term objectives. With a network of tried and trusted suppliers around the globe, we are constantly using our buying power to ensure that your marketing buck goes as far as possible.

We have built our account management team to make sure that we can satisfy every aspect of your premia and branding needs. We offer extensive experience and expertise in all fields of sales and marketing, along with the drive and the energy to make sure that every aspect of your marketing campaign goes without a hitch.


Robert Kinsella

Robert is a highly experienced and creative marketing professional with 20 years industry experience. With a combination of powerful thinking strategies, a broad experience base and a passion for his work, Robert has led Identity Promotions to their current position of Ireland’s premier merchandise and premia supplier. He has worked with most of Ireland’s best-known companies, ensuring that the strategic objectives of their brands are met through their choice of promotional material.


Sylvia Kinsella
Operations Director

Sylvia brings a wealth of industry knowledge to bear on her dealings with all of our clients. With over a decade of experience behind her, she is a superb organizer and pays rigorous attention to detail, with which to make sure that we deliver on our promises in a timely and reliable manner – without exception. Her personal philosophy is to go the extra mile each and every time, making sure that ‘the impossible’ is regularly achieved for our clients.


Lynda Fitzpatrick
Sales Coordinator

Lynda is a highly qualified sales professional, who brings a high level of attention to detail to bear in all of her client relationships. She has an unflinching commitment to making sure that our clients get exactly what they ordered, in perfect condition, and delivered in a timely and reliable fashion. With over 10 years experience in the industry, she has the communication and execution skills to move your product around the globe in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.